Tribeca 2020: “Grey Zone” (2020) ★★★★★

Did it ever happen to you that you find yourself watching the same film, be it is a short or a full-feature length, multiple times in a row? It has happened to me four times – with “Hope”, “Nocturnal Animals”, “Blue Jasmine”, and now Gal Sagy’s powerful and thought-provoking “Grey Zone”.

“Grey Zone” follows a young woman named Neta (Rachel Yaron). She was busy listening to songs while on an urban crosswalk when she finds herself being touched by a man (Udi Pers) who just passed by. It was obviously without her consent which caught her off guard. She is stumbled. Shocked. But what she does next is by far the most important thing any movie could tell in recent history – she goes after him to find out why he did what he did.

There is something fascinating about Neta the moment we get a glimpse of her. We quickly realize that she is not someone to mess with. She won’t stay quiet nor allow herself to be beaten up by circumstances. This is why her reaction should not come to the viewers like a surprise. When she goes after the man to a convenience store, she politely asks him to come out as she has a question to ask. He obviously did not recognize her nor realizes that she is a victim of his unwanted and forced advances. As he begins feeling uncomfortable by the fact that he is being stalked by a stranger, she continues to interrogate him to find out if he felt entitled to touch her without permission, and is it something he does regularly.

“Grey Zone” is one of the most important and beautifully directed and acted films from start to end. Neta is brave; she has a fire. She is not afraid to stand up against the man who groped her. And due to the most impressive performances delivered by Rachel Yaron, we can easily recognize in her Neta the most interesting character written since the MeToo era. The credit must go to Udi Pers as well for portraying the role of a frightened man who was too weak to face his victim. Overall, ¨Grey Zone¨ is a pure work of art that is filled with perfection, I hope, you will recognize the same way I did.

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