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Fantasia 2020: “Crazy Samurai Musashi”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There are enough movies that are made to look like they’ve been shot in a single take including films like 1917, Victoria, Birdman, Son of Saul etc. However, only a few can stand a chance to be called one of the greatest and the Japanese, “Crazy Samurai Musashi”, is one of them.

Balance is the only thing that allows a clan to survive. When a little boy of noble birth waits by a temple, he is sure that both, his father’s fate and the death of his brother must be avenged. Seemingly in an unfair fight against one swordsman, Musashi is against hundreds of swordsmen which is not fair by a long shot. However, when the battle starts, in a single take it appears that all the men standing against one man have no chance of defeating him, because he is not just a samurai, he is the crazy samurai Musashi.

The concept of the film could not be any simpler. Written by Sion Sono and directed by Yuji Shimomura, “Crazy Samurai Musashi” is the most epic film of the year. Portrayed by Tak Sakaguchi, the film offers an uninterrupted 77-minute shot following Musashi, as he not only confronts but battles down an enormous number of opponents. To be precise, the number is so big that you won’t believe it – 588. As for you, my dear movie lover, expect nothing less than a magnificent stand-down by the famous and most legendary Japanese swordsman, shot in only one way possible for you to capture and relive the greatest fight of all time.

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