TIFF 2020: “Apples”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Some stories are worth being told. Some memories are worth preserving. But what if something happens, and everything we knew, everyone we loved is wiped out of our memory due to some strange event? Say, a global pandemic?

Set in Greece during a weird pandemic that erases people’s memory, the movie follows the middle-aged Aris (Aris Servetalis) who, same as many others, loses his memory out of the blue. After he hears an announcement on TV about the Disturbed Memory Department of the Neurological Hospital and its “New Identity” program, the man decides to enroll himself in. But once he gets into it, strange rules are applied for him to follow. As he is one of the unclaimed individuals, he begins the new life. Along with that, he begins to eat apples that seems to bring him something that forces him to go to the same grocery store to buy it again and again.

“Apples” from writer/director Christos Nikou (co-written by Stavros Raptis)  examines the life of people after amnesia and specifically centers on one man who looks to find himself in a better position than, perhaps, he was before. Consciously or not, he follows the rules set by the Program, however, only when it suits him. Does he do it because he forgets it or is it a part of his game is something I will leave up to you to find out.

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