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TIFF 2020: “Gaza Mon Amour”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What can be better than pure love? A love that can stand the test of time. The time, that can remove all the doubts and strengthen the feeling that could not outlast itself otherwise?

Set in Gaza, Issa (Salim Daw) is a fisherman and also a stoic bachelor. He refuses to become a family man, despite the insistence of his sister who is willing to find him the perfect match. What she does not know is that Issa is helplessly and secretly in love with Siham (Hiam Abbas), whom who somehow won’t dare to propose. In fact, he won’t even let other woman enter his life, even for a brief amount of time, and satisfies his sexual needs with a valuable statue of Apollo he found in the Mediterranean sea.

Written and directed by the Nasser Brothers, “Gaza Mon Amour” is a beautiful story of love and resilience. It offers some hilarious scenes that is quite astonishing. Issa is such a funny man that he refuses to buy new underwear. He is still stuck to the old values. He does not mind embarrassing himself as long as he sees the love of his life. When police finds out about the Statue of Apollo, the man’s adventure becomes known to many. But all that won’t matter, as the biggest moment of his life is yet to come, when he finally will be prepared to make the proposal that will change his life.

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