TIFF 2020: “New Order”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Normally, rich people get access to health care as a matter of the highest priority; there are no closed door policies existing for them. While the poor suffer to earn their penny to feed their family, the rich sit on their comfortable sofa enjoying the accomplishments of their favorite sports team. And that’s fine because what we believe is not what it is. When there is chaos, there is an unchecked balance of power  and someday even the rich will be on the same level as its poor neighborhood one way or another.

In a fast-paced thriller, Michel Franco’s “New Order” captures extremely violent protests. Looting and killing is everywhere. While people angrily demand for their rights and improved life, a wedding in a wealthy family is in progress. Everything seems under control until is not. When unwelcomed guests arrive, minutes later the bride, Marianne (Naian Gonzaléz Norvind), leaves the wedding to help bring her former employee to a hospital for an urgent surgery. However, as soon as she leaves the house, the chaos begins to unfold inside and outside of the premises, resulting in Marianne getting kidnapped by the military that will stop at nothing to get ransom from her family.

A high intensity drama begins as soon as the film starts. We see all the rich people dressed up, talking, smiling, in one word – overjoyed. When Marianne’s mother is unable to get two hounded thousand pesos for her ex employee, it upsets the bride, who has a kind nature. After making a decision to leave her own wedding for a short amount of time, Marianne does not know the nightmare she is about to get into and experience. The military kidnaps people from rich families and torture, humiliate, rape,and even kill their hostages just because they want it that way. Because they have unlimited power given to them by the government, they don’t care how many they will kill as long as the trigger of their gun is being pulled constantly.

Despite explicit violence in the film, “New Order” is a brilliant piece of filmmaking that captures the horror of two classes. There is no right or wrong in this film. All became victims of a ruthless society that, once it falls apart, delivers chaos of a level that cannot be measured. As for you, my dear reader, you should be prepared for a ride that eventually will take a piece of your soul and take it with it as the end credits begins to roll. As for the takeaway, there is no solution to what we witness in the film, except one very debatable opinion– let everyone have all the needs to live a successful and prosperous life. But the question is, can money buy class, manner or morals? I don’t think so. And this film delivers the perfect answer to that.

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