TIFF 2020: “180 Degree Rule”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Do we have to ask for permission to go out for dinner, or to go to a wedding? To meet friends or just hang out outside? While it’s unheard of in the Western World where freedom is paramount, in the Middle East, it all comes down to one individual who decides for the woman – a man. Even if a disobedience occurs, who will it hurt? No one, isn’t it? But what if something awful happens? What then?

Sara (brilliant Sahar Dolatshahi), is a beloved teacher and an even better mother. She lives in Tehran with her husband, Hamed (Pejman Jamshidi) and their five-year-old daughter, Raha. As Sara’s relatives are getting ready for a wedding in Northern Iran, the woman desperately wants to attend it, but hears the categoric answer ‘no’ from her husband. She, however, decides to go, disregarding his request to stay in city. Upon arrival and the celebration of a new family, within minutes, the existing one collapses which brings both Sara and Hamed head-to-head against each other, making choices that will eventually affect everyone around.

“180° Rule” from director Farnoosh Samadi, is a harsh and brilliant take into a wrong choice which turned into a devastating result. For what happens no one is to be blamed. But that’s something Sara will disagree with everyone of you, no doubt about that. From start to end, it will keep you horrified, upset and even crying. The character development, or one particular scene where Sara hits her head against the wall is a direct answer what women are capable of, if they’re forced to react irrationally, when her entire world is taken away from her and is left completely alone.

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