TIFF 2020: “The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Do we really have to be reminded again and again about who owns the show? Who controls the society or our way of living a life? How much money we earn annually or whether our children will get good education to replace those who were prepared for a job that was never meant for ordinary people? What makes certain category of people more important than others? Why the rich get greedier with every earned penny? While all these questions are pressing and important to be answered, the sad reality is, most of us have to continue working hard, pay our bills, and have no savings while what we could have saved goes into pockets that’s not our own.

“The New Corporation: The Unfortunate Necessary Sequel” is a follow up of the 2003 “The Corporation”, in which with the development of social power, the scope of controlling people by big corporations has become bigger than ever before. Everything that surrounds us is a well scripted narrative that most people obediently follow. The film opens up the Pandora’s box to showcase the harsh reality of the 21st century, the secretive technologies that are being used to hire people or not to hire at all. It’s a brilliant take on the power imbalance in the world and how big corporations profit from those who have no voice nor will they ever have.

That said, the sequel of the “The New Corporation” is a must-see documentary that will deliver the most important lesson to you – do not become an average person who meets the requirements of the big corporation. Being lazy, surfing internet for no reason, having no aspiration or desire to become a better person and neither to earn an extra dollar for a bigger house. In short, the more we get the zombie type of mind, it suits the smaller group of people that has already analyzed you, me and everyone else to ensure we continue exist while they thrive and take over the world that will have no place for us left to be a part of.

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