TIFF 2020: “Get the Hell Out”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Imagine, for a second, that you have all the untrustworthy politicians of the world in one room, infected with an incurable virus. To get rid of corruption, would blow up the entire building? This might seem like an extreme solution to end corruption, but the Taiwanese “Get the Hell Out” does not seem worry so much about the radical solution.

I-Fan Wang’s “Get the Hell Out” takes us to Taiwan’s parliament, the Legislative Yuan where tension is so high that to be in the same room with politicians can cause severe harm to anyone who’s from outside. It all happened before they were infected with a virus that would turn them into zombies. So imagine what will happen when they actually are? Hsiung (Megan Lai) wants to become a politician but once she gets into the desired building, she had no idea that all that she will ever want is to get out of it.

The film is so messy and hilarious that, frankly, you won’t even want to take a break from it. Loaded with blood, wicked lines, and with political statements, the film does what many fail – deliver the point of the solution to the people’s problem in such an extreme way. When the film begins, it states the following – “If you have symptoms of dry eye, headache, urge to bite, doubt your life and feel guilty about the mistakes you made, please close your eyes. A wrong movie makes you suffer for only 90 minutes. A wrong government makes you suffer for four years.” That opening alone is so refreshing and funny that you will continue watching it without having a feeling of regret.

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