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TIFF 2020: “Preparations to Be Together For an Unknown Period of Time”


Rating: 3 out of 5.

The best part of covering film festivals from home is that I don’t have to jump from one theater to another to catch one film and miss another one. Watching them from home allows me to see anything I want within forty-eight hours. This gives an opportunity to see films I would not be able to watch otherwise. And international films are the ones that cannot disappear from our radar.

From director Lili Horvát, “Preparations to Be Together For an Unknown Period of Time” follows Márta Vizy (Natasa Stork), a thirty-nine year old neurologist who comes back to Budapest after twenty years of absence to meet the man (Viktor Bodó) with whom she agreed with but only to not be recognized by him. This is not the story of “An Affair to Remember”, but maybe it is, in its own way.

Márta is a brilliant doctor. She owns the surgical room but cannot organize her own life. That is understandable due to her busy schedule and dedication to work but when, after a month of waiting, she appears at the Liberty Bridge to meet the man with whom she thought she’ll build her future, she is in shock wondering how is it even possible that he does not remember her. As a neurosurgeon, she begins to dig deep into her mind, thinking something is wrong with her, playing a cat-and-mouse game with her memory, which might be perfectly fine.

The film is interesting as it keeps the suspense till the end. But it is not something that will end up in a hell of a fight. It offers a different approach, much calmer and humane, which is important. The film itself cannot be considered as one of the greatest but it is much better that you can expect and, make no mistake, worth your attention.

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