TIFF 2020: “Beckman”

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

There is never time for films like “Beckman” to be seen during film festivals. Especially, when it’s Toronto International Film Festival. However, after watching so many brilliant, amusing, sad and uplifting films, an action film was a great addition to refresh and recharge the day.

The film follows its titular character (David A.R. White) who is an excellent assassin. He is practical, fights perfectly and has morals. When he quits killing and becomes a preacher, it was all that he wanted to live the life of a good family man. But when notorious gangsters, lead by Reese (William Baldwin), comes after Beckman’s loved one and kills his daughter, the man leaves his nice and cozy life behind to track down those who broke his family into millions of pieces.

Surprisingly, “Beckman” is another dull action film that you will quickly forget. It’s also not a masterpiece to remember until the last day of our life but it is a solid and entertaining film that literally leaves no room to relax. In this film, you will meet assassins that kill only when it is necessary, while some are forgiving too. Director Gabriel Sabloff stages an excellent film that is suitable in the festival circuits and serves its purpose as a film that can distract the audience from the daily life and routine for an hour and a half without getting bored at any point.

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