VFF Drive-In 2020: “Black Comedy”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our biggest expectation as audience or as a movie lover is to get the best performance we can get from an actor. It should be so convincing that, after watching one scene after another, we should be forced to have our jaws dropped. And when it happens, what can be better than that?

An actor and an actress (the brilliant Fortunato Cerlino and Antonia Liskova), after intercourse, begin to discuss their upcoming play. All of a sudden, the man begins to humiliate the woman with his hurting and extremely penetrating words to offend her. As she listens to him, the man continues unleashing on her a hurricane of insults which she just quietly absorbs, as if it were normal. However, when they reach on stage for the final rehearsal before the show starts, an unpredictable event will occur, leaving everyone on the stage, including a journalist, and you, completely stunned.

“Black Comedy” is about perfectionism in its own way. It puts a playwright and his actress in the midst of an inexplicable tension, in which neither them nor you can separate reality from fiction. It is a surreal experience that rarely occurs in cinema, delivered by the two lead actors who will leave you shaking in the end. The last act is so powerful that you will literally want to slap the man. However, it is Liskova’s character that is full of patience but also like a ticking bomb that none of us would like to mess with. The brilliance of the narrative, performance, and the direction of Luigi Pane will make you rewatch it all over again to catch, at least, one flaw which, trust me, this film lacks.

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