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VFF Drive-In 2020: “Made Public”

© Something Wilde Productions 2019

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why on earth should someone put up a poll online asking things like what to eat tonight, what should be done tomorrow, or who to date? In the era of social networking, online residents of Facebook, Twitter or Reddit can ask all sorts of things, which may or may not make any sense. However, one person raises an important question – whether one should rely on public opinion on a matter that must be dealt with by only the two persons involved.

Dave (Josh Zuckerman), on the eve of his wedding with Sydney (Jeanine Mason), creates a poll on his Facebook page hoping people can help him to decide whether to proceed with the wedding or cancel it. By doing that, he triggers a hilarious event at the Church, making him face the woman who he is about to spend the rest of his life, on the edge of a nervous breakdown, which is funny and sad at the same time.

The screenplay from Brian Leahy and directed by Foster Wilson, “Made Public” is a wickedly intelligent short film with lines and a narrative that will make you think a lot. Its concept, rather, how it was delivered, is pure joy. As we watch how Dave is about to destroy his marriage, we are forced to navigate through our own choices we made on social networks one way or another.

As for the lesson, it clearly states one fact – do not let others decide what is best for your future. If your heart, mind and soul say to go for it, and there are no other impediments, it should be a done deal. But if we ask people around or on Facebook what is best for us, we clearly have no connection with reality and cannot proceed with our plan, especially, if it touches our personal choices that may affect someone in the long run.

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