Top 6 Best LGBT Movies That You Should Watch

Top 6 Best LGBT Movies That You Should Watch

Whether you are gay or lesbian, you should enjoy your status in the best way possible. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to know the experience of others. Well, you can meet in an LGBT club and socialize, hook up, and even get a date. But when it comes to entertainment, it is also motivating to watch LGBT-themed movies.

In a world where everything is available, it is easy to get these movies from streaming websites such as Netflix or any other. This article will bring you the top six LGBT movies you can enjoy watching. Read on to learn more.

Elisa & Marcela

Based on a true story, this Spanish same-sex marriage movie has a lot to teach lesbians and others in the LGBT community. The many challenges depicted in the movie Elisa & Marcela are exactly what same-sex partners face, especially in a society that has yet to accept such practices. Watch and learn.

Alex Strangelove

Highschooler movies are always full of fun and adventure. They entertain youths and adults alike. Alex Strangelove features a youth highschooler who is yet to lose his virginity, which he intends to do with his girlfriend. But in a twist of events, he ends up falling in love with a fellow man. From beginning to end, this is an interesting movie that anyone in the LGBT community should watch for both entertainment and motivation in making the right choices.


Moonlight is a 2016 gay movie featuring an African-American man who grew up grappling with the challenges of being a young boy. While there are all the cliches of African-American movies like drugs, there is the fact that Chiron, who is the main actor, is gay. This award-winning movie has a lot to teach any person from the LGBT community who is struggling with their identity. Once you get the courage and motivation you want, you can click here to find LGBT connections.


This is yet another informative movie to the LGBT community, particularly for lesbians. The main challenge here is that Tig is diagnosed with breast cancer and she turns this whole experience into a memorable comedy. Apart from same-sex relationship motivation, it is a movie full of comedy and laughter.

A Single Man

In this, yet another gay movie, the main character, George Falconer, is grieving the death is his partner. But the sad part is that his (partner’s) family does not recognize him, and this makes him suicidal. Fortunately, he encounters instances that change his life, people in his past who give him more reasons to soldier on with life. Hence, it is a very motivational movie for the LGBT family.

Blue is the Warmest Color

Last but not least is Blue is the Warmest Color. It is a teenage movie featuring two lively lesbian girls who fall in love and later separate due to normal challenges that people relationships face. It is also very motivational to the LGBT community and worth watching.

After watching these entertaining and educative LGBT movies, you will agree that they are life changers, especially if you have been facing challenges in your same-sex relationships.

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