Film Review: “Wolfwalkers” (2020)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We always teach children to be good, to extract our best selves that hides somewhere deep in our mind and release it to the world. And when we see the ugliness, we still believe in goodness and kindness. We normally run from things that scare us. We are afraid to face our fears and weaknesses. We don’t think about others because the strength we show must defeat evil because that’s who we are. But is evil pure evil or is it just how we see it?

Our perception of humanity and nature may vary except for one fact – “Wolfwalkers” from directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart showcases the reality of what we are in a way we no longer can hide from. In Kilkenny, Ireland in 1650, a young apprentice, Robyn (voiced by Honor Kneafsey), and her father, Bill (Sean Bean), are sent from England to wipe away the last remaining wolves beyond the walls. What terrifies people is a matter of curiosity for Robin who befriends Mebh (Eva Whittaker), a while girl who was raised by wolves.

Robyn, who has a rebellious nature and brave, disobeys her father’s orders and goes beyond the wall. Full of danger, she discovers the world for herself she did not know about. And the wolves, which she initially thought must be killed, changes her perspective and goes against her dad`s wish to save them. As she tries to stop the soldiers from burning down the forest and massacre the wolves, the girl will have to face an imminent threat to her life in order to succeed in saving the lives of others.

It takes a child to see life. It takes one soul to see an animal’s generosity and desire to survive and live like rest of us. What adults fail to see is so obvious in this beautiful and colorful animated film that it will really stun you. With a deep message and educating storyline, the importance to preserve the nature is astounding. What’s meant for children must be seen by adults too. Because it is us that cannot get the point not children. If we understand that destroying forests and killing off animals won’t serve a fine purpose, it will be one step forward. We shall find another way of dealing with the nature and having it destroyed is not an answer.

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