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Sundance 2021: “In the Earth”

© Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Remaking “Rebecca” has to be one of the worst ideas. And having it directed by the director of “High Rise” (it was actually great) was more or less a premature decision. While there is no doubt that Wheatley as a filmmaker is very bright, it is just that he must choose the right concept to showcase his best skills.

“In the Earth” centers around Dr Martin Lowery, a micro-organism specialist who lives in the COVID-19 inspired era but in a distant future where there’s no talk about returning back to normal. Martin’s mission is to reach test site ARU327A, a research hub deep in the Arboreal Forest. Joined by Alma, a park scout, they expect their trip through the forest will go smoothly. However, when they run into Zac, they agree to accept his help. But soon they will realize the big mistake they make. By that time, they will be deep into Zac’s experiment, and what was meant to be real will turn into fantasy mixed with the magical powers of the forest and uncertainty.

While it may sound exciting, “In the Forest” is not as engaging as you would expect. There is especially no valid reason for Martin to go to the site, as he does not mean to save the population. All that he wanted to see was his ex-girlfriend, Olivia, who would not care less about him. The entire script is flat and boring. Yes, it has plenty of gory scenes that can delight horror film lovers. Unfortunately, it’s all that it has, which in most cases, is not enough to keep the audience intrigued till the end.

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