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Sundance 2021: “First Date”

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The intention of a first date is to have a nice time with your crush or the love of your life. It depends. It should be a nice evening watching a film, talking about engaging subjects, or doing a fun activity. What it should not involve are guns, fights, gangsters and shooting, which is the exact scenario in this hilarious crime thriller, “First Date.”

Mike (Tyson Brown) likes Kelsey (Shelby Duclos) but is too shy to ask her out on a date. To impress her potential future girlfriend, the man purchased a ‘65 Chrysler, an old car that barely moves. On his way to pick up Kelsey, he is stopped by the police. He thought, after being allowed to continue his journey, his troubles have ended for the day. But what he did not know is that a strange chain of events will lead him to a pair of corrupt cops, a crazy lady with a gun who tries to find her husband, and many more – and all because of the valuable items Mike carried in his car and knew nothing about it.

Written/directed/produced by Manuel Crosby and Darren Knapp, “First Date” is a delightful addition to the Sundance Film Festival that took place virtually. A slow start ends with a big bang with the fast-paced storyline, with full speed ahead. Most of the time it’s just ridiculously funny, which is a big compliment. Surprisingly, the film delivers more fun than you can imagine, making it a worthwhile film to catch. Of course, Mike and Kelsey had no idea how their date would end. But with the events they find themselves in, extreme danger, to be frank, it will bring them closer to each other to appreciate moments like this which cannot be taken for granted.

2 Comments on Sundance 2021: “First Date”

  1. Thank you for the flattering review. We busted our asses to bring something worthwhile to the table. Sincerely, “Dennis” 😉

  2. Thanks for all your effort. It was fun to watch.

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