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Sundance 2021: “On the Count of Three”


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who commit suicide every day. No matter what help they receive, care or love, nothing can help them reconcile the pain they endure in their head. But can there be an opportunity to let a person on the fringes of suicide live another day and see if it’s really worth it? Maybe there’s something that can change his or her mind?

Valentino and Kevin are fed up with their lives. All that they want is to end it as soon as possible. While Kevin is trying to recover from his last attempt, Val gives him an idea – why don’t we kill each other on the count of three? However, before the trigger is pulled, Kevin asks to wait till the end of the day and only after that to fulfil their double suicide plan.

From first time director, Jerrod Carmichael, “On the Count of Three” explores the dangerous premise of suicide, which is highly not recommended to watch for someone who has suicidal thoughts. Both Val and Kevin are not people who would try to fix their day, make up with their family members or neighbors. They are impulsive and rude but have kind hearts. However, that kindness is not their best quality.

That said, Carmichael’s film may be far from being original but it’s engaging, has interesting characters that you will care about, and a storyline you will be eager to find out what happens in the end. Other than that, the film provides food for thought about suicides and why life is worth living no matter how many obstacles it creates for us along the way.

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