SXSW 2021: “Sasquatch”

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

We like making up and sharing fascinating stories among friends. We want to impress with how much we know and how far our imagination can go. With the help of rumors, we can spread unverified and unproven claims that mark the beginning of conspiracy theories. Because for some, it’s just a way to go on with life. But how about the creatures that live in the forest? Like Sasquatch? How do we prove its possible existence? Do we spread lies too, or is it all true?

1993 was an eventful year for the investigative journalist David Holthouse. While visiting a pot farm in Northern California, he heard the story of a triple murder of three men viciously attacked by Bigfoot. This story stuck in his mind and haunts him to this day as he begins his investigation to find out what really happened back in 1993 and the mystery surrounding those killings as he risks his own in the quest of the damning truth.

Emerald Triangle is a cannabis growing region that has all sorts of dark stories to tell. Especially the area of Spy Rock which, as per one of the interviewees, is the best place for killing.  As Holthouse begins his investigation, he brings up the origins of Bigfoot, examining the creature’s ability to kill. In the meantime, he discovers criminal subculture in Northern California’s mountains and how, with the legalization of marijuana, killing increased. During his dangerous journey and the search for truth, the man will confront all the threats the dangerous world can bring.

But all that won’t be enough for him to be scared away from his main goal. From director Joshua Rofé, “Sasquatch” reminds us once again why investigative journalism is important in uncovering the dark truth of monsters that don’t just live in the woods but rather live among us, own pretty houses, all dressed up pretending to be nice. However, behind the scenes, they turn into monsters who realize and release their dark nature in the most unimaginable way.

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