Tribeca 2021: “David”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

We always concentrate on our own issues. We feel we know better. When we insult, we don’t realize we hurt our loved one’s feelings. When someone is a psychiatrist, the licensed specialist pretends to know all the answers in the world for the person sitting in front of them. But do they know what happens at home and solve their own pressing matters?

Therapist (Will Ferrell) has another session with his patient, David (William Jackson Harper). He is suicidal and urgently needs advice only his registered therapist can provide. However, when an unwelcomed guest appears during their session, David (Fred Hechinger), it appears that the second David, Therapist’s son, has an issue much more important than the first David, opening up the perspective of we not being alone in this world when we feel lonely, left out and in misery.

Written and directed by Zach Woods, “David” was on my radar since last year, but I ended up watching it only this year, which is quite disappointing. If I knew back then how important the subject matter was, I would not have delayed it. What is more interesting is that within just ten minutes it unfolds an issue present on a global scale, while thoroughly explaining a poisonous relationship two can put each other into. Hurting, saying bad words or doing something unthinkable has consequences.

Sometimes, the person who feels lonely needs somebody to hear his plea. Because it’s heard, so many issues can be solved. Because for one who is emotionally overwhelmed and feels getting drowned under a heavy burden of despair, the only thing that can help is a simple hug. But are we willing to hear somebody first? Are we ready to put our own issues aside and let the other one speak? The problem can be solved easily when our egoistical nature is cured of selfishness and a self-centered attitude because the world never revolves around us. Until we realize that, we will meet too many Davids in real life too.

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