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Tribeca 2021: “The Price of Freedom”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

While the world battles against COVD-19, the United States of America faces the most dangerous enemy it seemingly cannot defeat – the second Amendment. An enemy which brings more blood to the street through constant mass shootings every other day. It’s almost like an unfortunate tradition nobody knows how to put an end to. It’s the price of freedom the deceased should pay for someone’s right to bear a lethal gun. So the question is – is it really worth it?

Director Judd Ehrlich touches upon the most painful subject matter, bringing up the corrupt nature of the National Rifle Association known as NRA and its impact on politics, politicians and day to day life of Americans. As you watch the documentary, you can see why owning a gun boosts ego, makes one feel like a macho, while gun violence spreads worse than any virus. The film provides an interesting and insightful interview of people whose lives were personally touched by gun violence. Whether it’s Rep. Gabby Giffords, Sen. Chris Murphy, President Bill Clinton, X González, Nicole Hockley and more, you won’t be tired of getting details that will, trust me, shock you to the core.

“The Price of Freedom” is one of those documentaries that won’t offer you an easy walk. It’s a harsh pill to swallow. It highlights the most disturbing elements of the NRA and how it would manipulate the people’s minds by throwing on them the only thing that makes feel them powerful – guns. It’s powerful and eye-opening, but yet another piece that sadly won’t make a difference on a large scale. It shows a deeply disturbing culture in the United States where the price of life or price of freedom is measured in terms of guns and the ability to kill. It’s that killing approach that makes Judd Ehrlich’s piece so intense and informative. Hopefully, it can make difference, albeit a small one today, but a bigger one in the long run and for a brighter future.

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