Film Review: “Wrath of Man”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I’m someone who grows increasingly uncomfortable watching action films involving shootings, killings, and lots of fascinating guns that normal civilians would love to own. I personally do not believe this type of genre can improve our troubled society for the better. On the other hand, when it has a decent plot, logical explanation for guns to be used, like in Guy Ritchie’s “Wrath of Man”, you forget about the real world and enjoy the action-packed film to its fullest.

H (Jason Statham) is fearless, courageous, and physically fit enough to take down as many men as he wants. When he lands a job as a cash truck driver at Fortico Security, an armored truck company that safely transports large sums of money, no one even realizes what he is capable of. During the robbery, when his mate, Bullet was taken hostage, H quickly dispatches his anger on violators, taking all of them down one by one. When later his actions were praised as heroic, more questions arise that create more questions about his mysterious past and his reasons to be enraged.

H needed seventy percent to pass the job interview, which he barely made it. As you watch him, you know, seventy percent for him is nothing, as he can do more, which he clearly proves shortly after. Directed by Guy Ritchie, “Wrath of Man” gives you everything you want to see from the acclaimed director. Screenplay by Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies and adapted from the 2004 French Film “Cash Truck”, it offers mind-blowing action sequences that fit well to Jason Statham’s level, who, apart from being the right choice to portray H, showcases in-depth emotional range in his performance which, personally I’m happy to see from an actor who has never been my favorite. 

The perfect structure of the film allows it to create a flawless sequence of scenes with the help of flashbacks that explains H’s reasons to be so angry. Obviously, he wants to catch a secret and vicious group of people robbing cash trucks, but why he had to infiltrate Fortico Security is an answer that will surely leave you completely satisfied. The stellar cast, led by Statham, and joined by Scott Eastwood,  Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Raul Castillo, Andy Garcia, perhaps the better name that surprised me to see was Josh Hartnett, who is always welcome on my small or big screen.

That said, “Wrath of Man” is a fashionable old-style action crime thriller you did not know Hollywood was still capable of making. Even though it was done by the very talented Guy Ritchie, the film succeeds due to the fine screenplay that offers no gaps or faults to complain about. At times gritty and violent, the film gets it shot and never fails to deliver. And that’s what the audience really needs – a film that has no politics or follows political correctness. It dresses an excellent atmosphere for a money heist thriller with a meaningful back story that is absolutely worthwhile.

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