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Tribeca 2021: “Clean”

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s neither easy to catch up with time, nor distilling the past. It’s a competition doomed to failure right from the beginning. So does it make sense to make an effort of changing yourself, even temporarily, when you are eventually going to get back to what or who you are?

“Clean” follows the titular character portrayed by an Academy Winner Adrien Brody, Clean (Adrien Brody) who lives the quiet life of a trash cleaner. As he fights his demons and revisits an unfortunate past that left his child dead, the man finds refuge in another girl who he considers as his daughter. Seemingly, nothing should cross his path on his way towards redemption. But when a brief encounter involves a local fisherman (Glenn Fleshler), who happens to be a vicious, senseless and cruel criminal, Clean changes his path towards cleaning up the streets of individuals that threatened his very existence, and he has no intentions of losing.

It’s a very strange film for Adrien Brody indeed, who co-wrote the script with director Paul Solet. It’s gruesome, gritty and a horrifying film to see. However, it has an interesting approach that should be on your radar. But be warned, it has scenes you hardly may pass if you don’t like violent films like this. As for the approach, director Paul Solet avoids showing direct violent scenes by turning them into a tolerable crime drama. Especially with a defining name such as Clean, the man that looks for peace in his life not realizing that peace comes at a great price which, only if greatly committed to, can be achieved.

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