Film Review: “Jolt” (2021)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Some films do not need an intelligent concept or an overloaded narrative to enjoy it. For instance, we do need to have times when, while watching a film, we think of nothing but follow an action-packed flick that keeps us ecstatic throughout. And why not? We have gotten used to watching a bad guy being beaten up by a good guy, but this time there is no good guy but rather a charming woman with anger issues.

With the release of “Gunpowder Milkshake” by Netflix, “Black Widow”, “Those Who Wished Me Dead”, “Wonder Woman”, and more, it looks like the big screen is no longer afraid to challenge the audience by letting its viewers watch how women take over the present and the future of cinema. As it’s indeed a time for big celebration, let’s not forget about the most important fact: Kate Beckinsale was one of the few leading actresses around (including Uma Thurman, Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie) way before Hollywood was being forced to face the reality of the #METOO era. With all due respect to the rest of the acting community, Beckinsale is a rare treasure who can easily and convincingly go against an enemy and easily defeat them in the blink of an eye.

Screenplay by Scott Wascha and directed by Tanya Wexler, “Jolt” follows Lidy (Kate Beckinsale), who goes dynamite after her boyfriend, Justin gets killed.  As a little girl diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder, the young woman decides to use it to her advantage as she embarks on a path of revenge. Filled with funny dialogues and actioned packed scenes, “Jolt” offers a hell of a ride with never-ending fun.

Most certainly, the narrative nor the subject matter is new, however, you can’t take the fact that “Jolt” is as entertaining as it could get. When we meet Lidy as a little girl, oh, trust me, as soon as you realize how bad she is at controlling herself around people and how much damage she can cause others and to herself, you would not want to be around. When she grows up, her psychologist (Stanley Tucci) comes up with the brilliant idea of inventing a special device that electrifies her each time she loses control over herself. In that case, nobody will be harmed around, just because Lidy did not like, for instance, a waitress’ attitude.

When she meets Justin, a true gentleman. He seems to have formed a real connection with Lidy, making her more self-contained and controlled without the special device. Their first date was absolutely amazing. She liked the idea of how well she was taken care of by him. She saw in him someone who she could never see in any other person – a man who showed her the true meaning of love. Now imagine what happens when the little but bright light of her life fades away when Justin gets killed. With that, Lidy’s only opportunity to be happy and free gets destroyed, making her angry, upset and vengeful at the same time.

 There is a lot that can be said about “Jolt” – both good and bad. However, the negative aspect of the film is not that significant to be worried about. Violent, yes. But not that much to worry about. Language? For sure. Sadly, the 21st Century audience, at least, accepts coarse language. But all that does not hurt the film. In fact, watching Kate Beckinsale in great physical form will want you to have more action films with her. She is great in every scene. She stays truthful to the character, allows Lidy to realize the full aspect of her dark side and release it on the world in the one way possible – through the help of the magnificent Beckinsale.

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