TIFF 2021: “I`m Your Man”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Life in the 21st century is more like being on the phones and laptops with no human interaction whatsoever. Even passing by restaurants, you find people staring at the blue screen more often than using words. It’s sad but becoming our reality. And things can only change if we teach our children to socialize more.

Imagine there’s an opportunity to spend a lifetime with the perfect partner. A man or a woman who would fulfil your thoughts, meet all your expectations and read your mind so swiftly you won’t even be able to blink. “I’m Your Man” is a romantic comedy that explores the complexity of human interaction, lack of companionship and the importance to feel the same gap with the best candidate possible – a humanoid robot. When scientist Alma (Maren Eggert), a big sceptic, gets a chance to rest once in three weeks, her mind will change completely. She will understand the need in humanoids, as she needed one too she is yet to find out.

Writer/director Maria Schrader provides an exquisite look into human relationships. As we watch Alma and Tom (Dan Stevens) bonding with each other, learning habits and discovering new things along the way, the woman is amazed by Tom’s response. He is polite, gentle, respectful, quiet, knows what to say and what not to. In short, he is a dream man for every woman that needs a companion. When Alma asked him what is the scariest thing for a human being, his answer was short but painfully real – dying alone.

That’s the premise of the movie. Through its unusual concept, it looks for a better suit for people who feel do not get enough attention from their loved ones. Some scenes are funny and moving at the same time. It’s a sublime approach towards love, desires, human feelings and how we express them. This is why “I’m Your Man” works because, if we put humanoid robots aside, most people are lonely. This film shows a way to stop being that. Of course, the answer is not a robot. The answer is looking around, be open, communicative, social and transparent. This ingredient may not work all the time. But it does, because there is always a lonely soul out there looking for a perfect man or woman, I am sure, you or the one you know is the perfect fit.

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