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TIFF 2021: “Night Raiders”

© 2021 Night Raiders East Inc.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Schools are meant to educate, provide important knowledge, prepare children for a better and more successful life. Moreover, it shapes children’s personalities that will help them lead a good social life. But what if schools are brainwashing their students, putting them on the wrong path – a path that is filled with destruction, harm and alienation from their loved ones?

Set in Canada’s dystopian future, the war across North America left the military to seize control of society. The rule they have set is one country, one flag and one language. One of their tactics is taking children from their families and forcing them to get an education in State Academies that are designed to brainwash children and turn them against their loved ones.

Niska (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers) is a Cree mother who for years managed to protect her daughter Waseese (Brooklyn Letexier-Hart) from soldiers. But when the girl gets sick and her life comes in danger, the mother is forced to leave her to be found by soldiers, as they could provide her adequate medical attention. Things changes for Niska after joining the Cree vigilantes’ group, which helps to free all children from forced education camps, including her daughter.

Directed by Danis Goulet, “Night Raiders” is a solid dystopian post-war film with quality and visual effects that do not go far from big-budget films. Of course, there are few elements that could be sharpened a bit but that still does not hurt the film, delivering another piece of social injustice, racial issues and the colonial system that is effective only through the spread of fear and weapons.

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