TIFF 2021: “Silent Night”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What can be better than a gathering at Christmas time? You can invite close family friends, relatives and even neighbors. It’s the time of the year when the celebration of love and unity is highly regarded. Because it’s Christmas, what else we should expect from it?

“Silent Night” is a bizarre horror comedy about friends and family members who come together for Christmas Eve. The most delicious food is being served. Wines and juices are ready. The weather is welcoming. It’s a grand feast nobody should ever miss. Nell (Keira Knightley), her husband Simon (Matthew Goode), and their sons, Art (Roman Griffin) and twin sons are ready to greet everybody. It’s just the perfect day – the perfect Christmas. An excellent occasion to be together, except for one thing – in the end, everyone is going to die.

Bizarre is a light word to use for a film with a concept such as this. It starts as a comedy, then takes a horrific turn, showing the full preparedness of the host and the guest to kill themselves with a pill that is being highly advertised on TV, calling everyone to die with dignity. It’s brilliant though. Having people sold on the idea of doomsday in the form of a weird poisonous cloud that is about to wipe away the whole world. But is that cloud really toxic and has the ability to kill everyone?

The stellar cast of the film ensures full entertainment for you. Because if that’s not it, then what else could it possibly be? There is a lot of drama occurring among the guests. Lily-Rose Depp’s Sophie is pregnant, and she does not want to take the pill. However, she also needs to make a choice – a swift death vs a long and torturous one? However, the conclusion of it will be even better. But be ready for lots of swearing, which make sense in that kind of situation, when everyone knows, they are not going to make it. But who knows, maybe they could, couldn’t they?

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