Film Review: “Halloween Kills” (2021)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Halloween franchise is like a gift that keeps giving. Its villain keeps getting stronger and stronger,  almost as if he has paranormal strength. It’s the twelfth installment of our beloved horror slasher flick, and it appears we will have many more if the residents of Haddonfield don’t learn how to stop the iconic villain.

Directed by David Gordon Green, Halloween Kills serves as a direct sequel to the previous film that came out in 2018 and picks up where it left off. On their way to the hospital, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) hope they have killed Michael Myers by setting the house on fire, while he is trapped in the basement. But the appearance of the firefighters does not allow their plan to fructify, as Myers comes out stronger and unharmed, ready to kill dozens along the way.

The new Halloween film sees the return of many from the original cast from the original 1978 version directed by John Carpenter. It gives a juicy start to the film and the long-waited reunion with Michael, who knows how to greet those who dared to survive his sharp knife. With lots of killings, bloody scenes and broken necks, the new film will satisfy those who wish to see Myers do more action and are left disappointed seeing the lack of action from Laurie Strode. But remember, she is severely wounded but expected to live. However, by seeing her condition, she is not ready (it would be foolish to expect otherwise) to face off her tormentor in an open fight.

Overall, leaving a few significant points aside as it would be a spoiler, Halloween Kills is another worthy installment that will make you wonder how, after such a high toll of people killed, Haddonfield still doesn’t have someone to go against Myers’ knife. The good news is, Myers kills on Halloween only, while what he does outside of the holiday is unknown. But I doubt he does grocery shopping or cleans up the house as an obedient resident living an ordinary life. But that I guess is just my imagination of wanting to know more about the man that is so vicious and vile outside of his iconic days. But that is up to the writers to come up with an idea that would be able to deliver an interesting post-Halloween life of Myers I am pretty sure many are curious about.

Aside from that, Halloween Kills is just the new beginning of a saga between Myers and Laurie that are due to face each other in a new installment, whenever it gets released. But the shocking ending promises a well-told story, the fight of a lifetime which hopefully Laurie won’t fail this time around and put it to rest along with Myers where he belongs. But the vibe I am getting is that the story of Myers and Laurie is far from over. Whatever it is, it will be a hell of a ride, and I will be the first to jump on that train without hesitation.

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