Film Review: “Home Sweet Home Alone” (2021)

Rating: 1 out of 5.

It’s absolutely fine to attempt remaking an old classic film if it is respected and done properly. Certainly, there’s no second try for “Waterloo Bridge”, “Roman Holiday” or “Casablanca”. We don’t have a modern version of Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman or Vivien Leigh. The same goes for Macaulay Culkin and his version of the boy left alone, Kevin McCallister. The new film, evidently, shows he is irreplaceable for generations.

The plot of “Home Sweet Home” alone is so painfully dull, it barely justifies any reason for making it altogether. It follows Jeff (Rob Delaney) and Pam McKenzie (Ellie Kemper) the new half-good and half-villain characters) who are trying to sell their house due to financial difficulties. Their children are not aware of the recent changes, therefore, the married couple tries to approach the issue as easily as possible. During an open house, Max Mercer (Archie Yates) and his mother, Carol (Aisling Bea), stop by to use the restroom. But when the malformed and extremely valuable doll with its head upside down is stolen from the home, Jedd and Pam are determined to steal it back, from the boy who is left home alone.

Directed by Dan Mazer, “the latest installment of “Home Sweet Home Alone” is so bad, it hurts. And that is not because more or less we expect some sort of justification to the story. Not at all. It lacks charisma, wit, determination, adventurism and humor. Instead of laughing, you will find yourself scratching your head so badly, it may begin to hurt. The entire storyline, believe it or not, makes no sense whatsoever. Does not matter what the solution the film eventually provides. It’s not worth it. For instance, why would the married couple risk all – their marriage, life, children, their future and freedom to go after the house, breaking in, because of the stolen doll? Couldn’t they just wait for the return of the head of the family to retrieve it back? Not like the family was leaving the home forever.

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody expects perfection from any film. Especially from the new version of “Home Alone”. But it has to at least have a compelling storyline, the right characters and a great script that would make the characters thrive. Instead, this film commits mass murder by butchering every single character in the film, including Buzz McCallister (Kevin’s bully brother from “Home Alone 1 &2”), who would not even exercise the idea of having a boy left home alone, in a similar way his brother was left, twice. Seriously? At least Buzz should have been much wiser than the script allowed him to be, who is an unintelligent and shortsighted police officer.

That being said, “Home Sweet Home Alone” is a film that was better off not being made. But since it was, the best decision Disney could make was releasing it on the Disney+ platform, which they actually did. And trust me, you wouldn’t want to spend time on something as disastrous as this in movie theaters. Despite my negative review, which I rarely write, people may draw their own opinion. So, no matter how much I disliked it, even though I wanted to love it, I recommend this to be seen, just for your own judgement. Because, as I always say, opinions may vary. What I dislike might be admired by you. And if that’s the case, then this film can be considered a huge success. Having one person liking it is much better than none, isn’t it?

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