Film Review: “Finch” (2021)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Not many of us get a chance to properly prepare for our exit from this life; have things settled, documents taken care of, will written on time, leaving behind certain instructions and so on. Maybe it is better that way than an unfortunate and untimely death. Either way, it Is a sad situation all around. However, some people manage to keep their minds clear and face the inevitable end with an approach that can blow any mind away.

It’s refreshing to know that Hollywood still has writers left with creative minds, as what you are about to see in “Finch” may be clichéd, but it’s a smart, touching, humane, tender and genuinely emotional film that will melt your heart. As it’s a one man show, Tom Hanks, same as in “Cast Away”, owns every scene, showing us why there is always a hope when trust and human companionship still exists.

Set in a post-apocalyptic America, after a solar flare destroyed the ozone layer ten years ago, increasing planet’s temperature to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the planet Earth is mostly inhabitable. Finch (Tom Hanks) was at work during the cataclysm and still is, in his St. Louis laboratory where he works on a new robot, an advanced one that can replace him for taking care of his dog, once the man is gone.

When the Robot is created with the mind of a child, Finch must depart from the lab due to the fast approaching storm that is sure to sweep away everything on its way. Finch, along with his dog, new robot named Jeff and a helper-robot Dewey embark on a long journey towards San Francisco that is filled with drama, suspense, thriller, laughter warm atmosphere giving you more than you possibly can expect from Miguel Sapochnik’s “Finch”.

Screenplay from Craig Luck and Ivor Powell, and cinematography from Jo Willems, “Finch” is a tender story of human relationship with a Robot that must learn to care as if it was a human being. Finch is terminally ill and there is no hope for recovery. Therefore, he is concerned about his dog that will be left alone. But when Jeff is created, the film begin its incredible journey, doing what it knows – capturing the profound love story of a human and its dog, responsibilities, and defeating impossible and difficult situations.

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