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Sundance 2022: “Downfall: The Case Against Boeing”

©Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We have all flown on an airplane at least once in our lifetime, while some others must take a journey every day or weekly due to the demands of their job. Airplanes are meant to be very safe and we have no choice but to rely on their quality. But what happens if an airline has a glitch that forces an aircraft to crash, leaving only ten seconds for the crew to make one right decision they had no idea existed? Ten seconds of greeting death is what happened to Boeing 737 Max, killing 346 passengers within a short amount of time.

Documentaries are meant to document historical facts and recreate events in chronological sequence. It should not make us terrified or worried about our own life. But that is what happens with the Rory King documentary “Downfall: The Case Against Boeing.” Because what was meant to be safe turned into a deadly machine with no regard for human life, aimed, cold-bloodedly and on purpose – has taken many lives. The system that was on aircraft called MCAS, pilots that had operated in Jakarta and Ethiopia had no idea about.

“Downfall” is such an impactful and well-constructed documentary, you will be shaken to the core. It is like a horror movie in the making, as it occurs, you may begin to feel, outside of your door. With impressive details and materials offered in the film, Rory King will make you think twice before you choose an aircraft to fly with. Corruption on the top, greed and disregard for safety, it’s a story of Boeing 737 jets that had to be grounded for 20 months, in an unprecedented move, because it was not safe to take off in the first place.

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