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Sundance 2022: “Huella”


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Losing a loved one is not easy and actually a painful process to cope with a reality that will never be the same. Therefore, each person has their own way of going through the grieving process. Because that’s the only way perhaps, to find a reason for something that may not exist.

When Dani’s grandmother passes away, the young woman eventually resumes her work as a call center representative in the hope of not grieving much. However, she fails with each attempt. It is then the appearance of her past female ancestors through the five stages of grief. And if she is lucky, can come out of it as a renewed individual.

Written and directed by Gabriella Ortega, “Huella” is a perfectly-shot short film that shows the audience the importance of allowing ourselves to absorb the loss, grieve the loved one, and let go of the pain, with scars, of course, that remains forever. Dani loves her grandmother perfectly well and is aware of her past. But when she begins to experience the strange vision of ghosts that come to her one by one, Dani will finally be able to land on her own two feet.

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