Sundance 2022: “Warsha”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Short films are like those kind and generous guests who never overstay their welcome. Whether a complex or easy concept, short films know how to tell the story in a holistic manner that even bigger feature films cannot.

Mohammad is a stoic, reserved and quiet Syrian man who works as a crane operator in Lebanon. Every man around him is like a macho. By looking at them, no one can dare mess with them. Our protagonist is the same. Seems strong and tough. However, once he is at the crane and away from unwanted eyes, he turns into a complete diva, in the real sense.

Written and directed by Dania Bdeir, “Warsha” is a tale of the love of freedom and its beauty when it reveals its true self. It explores Middle Eastern masculinity, it’s toughness and uncompromising attire towards the nature of man. Although Mohammed is an underpaid construction worker, it is when he is at work when most of his desires are revealed. And that’s what you can expect from this film, as it is like a gift that keeps giving to the point you never want it to end.

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