Slamdance 2022: “The Event”

© Frank Mosley and Hugo De Sousa

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We all at some point ask our friends or relatives to watch a certain film because we strongly believe it may entertain them or bring some value. And if they don’t do that, even if they had promised, that could break our heart, can’t it?

Co-written, directed and starred by Frank Mosley and Hugo De Souza, “The Event” follows Vince (Hugo De Sousa) who passionately begins to question, and not a peaceful interrogation, Jack (Frank Mosley) as to why he did not see his short film or even made an attempt. The young man’s head is spinning as he continues asking unsettling questions, while Jack, stumbled and shocked, must reveal the truth.

“The Event” is half comedy and half drama that reminds us how much we hurt those who don’t appreciate our work. Especially if that person is our direct relative. Vince wants to know the truth. He is determined and persistent. Jack thinks Vince’s short film does not deserve to be viewed by him, which is what happens and Vince, after that, is left heartbroken.

That being said, “The Event” is a solid short film with believable performances by De Souza and Frank Mosley, perfectly supported by Jennifer Kim. There is a moral to this story – never underestimate the task or the effort put towards it. Because what we may not like will be potentially liked by someone. Therefore, we must be prepared to provide constructive feedback supported with evidence, because all that we say, do or don’t do has consequences. It may not be on us, but it will be on those who relied on and we betrayed them because we found their effort and work not worth our time.

 The Event
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