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Sundance 2022: “Girl Picture”


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Young people stuck in their youth think they are invincible and that every minute they live can be reversed and relived again. The truth is that time is non-refundable. And by the time some of them realize that – it’s already too late.

“Girl Picture” follows two best friends, Mimmi and Rönkkö. They always have each other’s backs, can talk openly and never hesitate to criticize one another if necessary. Their life is based on fun, friendship, parties and dating. All that they care about is the experience life can bring them – because they are young. Emma, on the other hand, is a different type of person. She is a dedicated skater. She has a goal and works towards it. It seems nothing would get between her and her passion for the sport. But when she meets Mimmi, her priority changes, perspective becomes blurred and nothing remains more important than her love for Mimmi.

Written and directed by Ilona Ahti & Daniela Hakulinen, “Girl Picture” focuses on a subtle approach towards youth, a life they imagine for themselves, dreaming big, flying high and falling down immensely. It shows that everything has its expiration date. Either you get up and build a new strategy or stay somewhere deep down, form where later on it won’t be possible to get up and move. It shows why it’s important to have proper priorities. Because opportunies given today won’t be around tomorrow. And as for tomorrow, its uncertainty ensures you never know what it has to offer.

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