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Sundance 2022: “Shark”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I know some people that like to joke around and pretend that they are hurt just for fun. We believe them because it looks so natural. But if something real and dangerous were to happen, we would naturally wonder if it did really. That’s why there is always a limit we must know not to exceed. Because once we do and we are in true danger, who will take us seriously?

Sofie (Rose Byrne) and Jack (Nash Edgerton) are perfect together. They fulfill each other’s needs and feelings. They understand and communicate well. In fact, they are true soulmates. It’s more fun for them to prank each other. Either Sofie or Jack – they are so good at making each other laugh, scared to death and laugh again – until when they meet their perfect match – unbeatable one.

Nash Edgerton’s Shark, which he directed and co-wrote with David Michôd, is the best short film around. It’s funny, wicked and so intelligent but awfully short. Of course, to fit the short format of the film, the running time is perfect. But given the storyline, we viewers deserve to have more time with the wonderful cast that keeps pranking each other – just because they like it that way.

The wedding scene was so hilarious, you will probably fall off your chair due to laughter; it’s that good. As for the ending, it’s unmatchable and so to the point. Because it’s the rule of the universe – what goes around, comes around. And Sofie and Jack keep proving that throughout.

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