Lover’s Lane

A group of friends are hunted by a killer that was once humiliated by a friend of theirs.

  • Killer: Jace Robinson
  • Scott Romero: Gabriel Santana
  • Westley Carpenter: Justin Corcoran
  • Samuel Hodder: Patrick Pinteralli
  • Darlene Curtis: Haylee Culver
  • Jackie Campbell: Aryn Teague
  • Ben Torrance: Kris Cominos
  • Ian Craven: An Nguyen
  • Officer Cedric Raimi: Enrique Santana
  • Nancy Whale: Stephanie Weaver


  • Costume Designer: Justin Corcoran
  • Script Consultant: Kris Cominos
  • Cinematography: Gabriel Santana
  • Cinematography: Patrick Pinteralli

Credits: TheMovieDb.

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