The Unmaking of a College

In THE UNMAKING OF A COLLEGE, students at Hampshire College confront a new president’s
underhanded attempt to shut down their school and discover that a powerful institution is
bullying an inexperienced administration into giving up the independence of one of the most
experimenting colleges in the United States. A raucous ode to democracy in action, this film
evokes the courage required to stand up to power at a time when many liberal arts colleges are

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Self: Ken Burns
  • Self: Marlon Becerra
  • Self: Joshua Berman
  • Self: Cheyenne Palacio-McCarthy
  • Self: Rhys MacArthur

Film Crew:

  • Music: Nathan Larson
  • Producer: Troy Takaki
  • Editor: Caitlin Dixon
  • Cinematography: Amy Goldstein
  • Producer: Anouchka van Riel
  • Story Consultant: Marlon Becerra
  • Editor: Joe Booroojian
  • Cinematography: Nicolas Kane

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