Turbo Cola

With all of his friends headed to a party on the last night of 1999, Austin takes an extra shift at the Quality Mart gas station and is forced to look down the barrel of what it means to graduate high school and face a future stuck in his middle of nowhere hometown. He’s got one night to make his dreams come true, legal or not, and he’s taking it.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • James (voice): James Andrew O’Connor
  • Eric: Anthony Notarile
  • Mary Jane: Jordyn denning
  • Jennifer: Brooke Maroon
  • Reporter (voice): Isaac J. Conner
  • Austin: Nicholas Stoesser
  • Police Officer: Brandon Keeton
  • Reporter (voice): Liz Bishop
  • Reporter (voice): Michael Zuccola
  • Jimmy: Landon Taverniér
  • Reporter (voice): David Josh Lawrence
  • Reporter (voice): Darren Blum
  • Reporter (voice): Jessica Kane
  • Mindy: Erin Nordseth
  • Reporter (voice): Kristeen Colby
  • Reporter (voice): Gabrielle Huggins
  • Reporter (voice): Phillip Andry
  • Reporter (voice): Kevin O. Peterson
  • Swearsky: Jared Spears
  • Customer’s Girlfriend: Michelle Hall
  • Reporter (voice): Kristen Wielenga
  • Customer: Erik Walker Neill
  • Little Girl Customer: Anreet Kaur Riar
  • Taxi Driver: Scott Keebler
  • Angry Customer: Kurt Voltmann

Film Crew:

  • Grip: Scott Keebler
  • Co-Producer: Luke Covert
  • Cinematography: Dennis Thomas
  • Camera Operator: Kurt Voltmann
  • Executive Producer: Brandon Keeton
  • Stunt Coordinator: Erik Walker Neill
  • Writer: Matthew Kiskis
  • Writer: Samantha Oty
  • Art Direction: Frank Dianda
  • Assistant Director: Nibha Shetty
  • Sound: Sebastian Levy Polat
  • Gaffer: Al Delia
  • Second Assistant Camera: Martin R. McGowan
  • Colorist: Nick Bell
  • Music: Paul Talos
  • Production Assistant: Sonny Wilson

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