Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey

On the night she plans on taking her own life, 17-year-old ‘Lisa McVey’ is kidnapped and finds herself fighting to stay alive and manages to be a victim of rape. She manages to talk her attacker into releasing her, but when she returns home, no one believes her story except for one detective, who suspects she was abducted by a serial killer. Based on horrifying true events.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Lisa McVey: Katie Douglas
  • Sgt. Larry Pinkerton: David James Elliott
  • Bobby Joe Long: Rossif Sutherland
  • Lorrie: Amanda Arcuri
  • Det. Wolf: Chris Owens
  • Morris: Bruno Verdoni
  • Betty: Megan Fahlenbock
  • Portly Man: Leo Petrus
  • Ed: Jamie Robinson
  • Diane Martin: Kim Horsman
  • Impatient Man: Marvin Hinz
  • Young Lisa: Deanna Interbartolo
  • Young Lorrie: Kiera Scharf
  • Aunt Carol: Catherine Tait
  • Uncle Jim: Kerry Griffin
  • Officer Lopez: Milton Barnes
  • Officer Gibbons: Zach Smadu
  • Female Reporter: Nneka Elliott
  • Reporter (V/O) (voice) (as Chris Marren): Christopher Marren
  • Det. Russell: Patrice Goodman
  • Det. Castle (as Alex Castillo): Alexandra Castillo
  • Lieutenant Dutton: Robert B. Kennedy
  • Sgt. McKinley: Kelly Fanson
  • Sarah Pinkerton: Shelby Bain
  • Dispatcher (V/O) (voice): Andrew Jackson

Film Crew:

  • Director: Jim Donovan
  • Editor: Lisa Grootenboer
  • Writer: Christina Welsh
  • Executive Producer: Charles Tremayne
  • Music: Bryce Mitchell
  • Cinematography: Sasha Moric
  • Music: Keegan Jessamy
  • Producer: Kim Bondi
  • Line Producer: Mary Petryshyn
  • Executive Producer: Sherri Rufh
  • Executive Producer: Jeff Vanderwal

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