Last Shoot Out

Soon after a newlywed learns that her husband had her father shot down, she flees from the Callahan ranch in fear. She’s rescued by a gunman who safeguards her at a remote outpost as he staves off her husband’s attempts to reclaim his bride.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Twigs: Jay Pickett
  • Jody: Michael Welch
  • Jocelyn Miller Callahan: Skylar Witte
  • …: Cam Gigandet
  • …: Bruce Dern
  • Billy: Brock Harris
  • Red: Peter Sherayko
  • Joe: David DeLuise
  • Eloise: Caia Coley
  • Potts: Brock Burnett
  • Nellie Rhyker: Keikilani Grune
  • Hal: Jerry Bestpitch
  • Wiley: Larry Poole
  • Hardy: Ardeshir Radpour
  • Chauncy: Kevin McNiven

Film Crew:

  • Music: Michael Feifer
  • Director of Photography: Hank Baumert Jr.
  • Executive Producer: Barry Brooker
  • Executive Producer: Stan Wertlieb
  • Executive Producer: Alan B. Bursteen
  • Writer: Lee Martin
  • Production Design: Arman Gosparini
  • Editor: Ted Gianopulos
  • Costume Design: Molly Saito
  • Makeup Department Head: Devin Bianchini
  • Executive Producer: Dawn Bursteen

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