A mother bird tries to teach her little one how to find food by herself. In the process, she encounters a traumatic experience that she must overcome in order to survive.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

    Film Crew:

    • Executive Producer: Andrew Stanton
    • Executive Producer: John Lasseter
    • Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
    • Production Design: Jason Deamer
    • Director of Photography: Derek Williams
    • Animation: Bret ‘Brook’ Parker
    • Writer: Alan Barillaro
    • Animation: Patty Kihm Stevenson
    • Animation: Kureha Yokoo
    • Post Production Supervisor: Paul Cichocki
    • Animation: Rob Gibbs
    • Original Music Composer: Adrian Belew
    • Music Arranger: Jake Monaco
    • Head of Story: Brian Larsen
    • Music Supervisor: Tom MacDougall
    • Animation: James W. Brown
    • Director of Photography: Erik Smitt
    • Animation: Erick Oh
    • Producer: Marc Sondheimer
    • Editor: Sarah K. Reimers
    • Production Manager: Richmond Horine
    • Animation: Simon Christen
    • Animation: Evan Bonifacio
    • Animation: Graham Finley
    • Animation: Joey Gilbreath
    • Animation: Richard Gunzer
    • Animation: Nickolas Rosario
    • Animation: Ricky Wight
    • Supervising Technical Director: Brett Levin
    • Animation: Dovi Anderson
    • Animation: Claudio de Oliveira
    • Animation: Catherine Hicks
    • Animation: Tal Shwarzman
    • Visual Effects Supervisor: Ferdi Scheepers
    • Animation: Alli Sadegiani

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