Livin’ The Dream

A mockumentary going over the life in the 1910s-2010s. You can watch this full mockumentary right here:

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Narrator/Interviewer: Darryl Wong
  • Jack Occupations: Jack Diddly Dalton
  • Dr. Denzel Ewing: David Dorre
  • Johnny: Magnus Dorre
  • Stay at home father: Quincy Schwartz
  • Dr. Emily Steinbeck: Emma Dorre
  • Sue: Aidan Cartmel

Film Crew:

  • Sound: Magnus Dorre
  • Cinematography: Darryl Wong
  • Catering: Jack Diddly Dalton
  • Music: Quincy Schwartz

Movie Reviews:

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