The Unbreakable Boy

Austin is a boy with both a rare brittle-bone disease and autism. But what makes Austin truly unique is his joyous, funny, life-affirming worldview that transforms and unites everyone around him.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Austins Father: Zachary Levi
  • Logan LeRette: Gavin Warren
  • Austin LeRette: Jacob Laval
  • Autism Doctor: Bruce Davis
  • Austin LeRette (age 5): Kellen Martelli
  • Austin LeRette (age 2): Roy Jackson Miller
  • 2 Month Old Austin: Elle Adler
  • …: Meghann Fahy
  • …: Patricia Heaton
  • …: Drew Powell
  • Dick: Todd Terry
  • Trick or Treater Parent: Andrew Hooks
  • Teacher: Stephen Radley III
  • Uninspired Teacher: Brenda Williams
  • Trick or Treater (uncredited): Max Purget
  • Restaurant Patron / Arcade Patron: Kenda Henthorn
  • AA Member: Lisandro Boccacci
  • Orderly: Michelle Sander
  • Partygoer: Alex Atkinson

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Peter Facinelli
  • Writer: Jon Gunn
  • Producer: Kevin Downes
  • Producer: Jon Erwin
  • Producer: Andrew Erwin
  • Director of Photography: Kristopher S. Kimlin
  • Producer: Jerilyn Bickford
  • Art Direction: Scott Colquitt
  • Executive Producer: Sean Devereaux
  • Co-Producer: Brent Ryan Green
  • Production Design: Christian Snell
  • Original Music Composer: Pancho Burgos-Goizueta
  • Executive Producer: Mona Garcea
  • Editor: Parker Adams
  • Novel: Scott LeRette
  • Novel: Susy Flory
  • Executive Producer: Teresa LeRette
  • Casting: Jill Anthony Thomas
  • Key Production Assistant: Nathan Howe

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