In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in a secluded farmhouse in rural Texas. Their reclusive, elderly hosts take a special interest in their young guests and, as night falls in, the couple’s leering interest takes a violent turn.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Maxine: Mia Goth
  • Wayne: Martin Henderson
  • …: Jenna Ortega
  • …: Brittany Snow
  • …: Kid Cudi
  • …: Owen Campbell
  • …: Stephen Ure

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Tyler Bates
  • Producer: Kevin Turen
  • Producer: Sam Levinson
  • Writer: Ti West
  • Executive Producer: Kid Cudi
  • Executive Producer: Peter Phok
  • Director of Photography: Eliot Rockett
  • Casting: Jessica Kelly
  • Production Design: Thomas S. Hammock
  • Costume Design: Malgosia Turzanska
  • Producer: Jacob Jaffke
  • Editor: David Kashevaroff
  • Line Producer: Jared Connon
  • Casting: Rebecca Dealy
  • Executive Producer: Harrison Kreiss
  • Costume Supervisor: Cilla Leckie
  • Set Decoration: Thomas Salpietro
  • Executive Producer: Ashley Levinson
  • Executive Producer: Dennis Cummings
  • Executive Producer: Karina Manashil
  • Set Designer: Karijus Schlogl

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