An unlikely connection sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

    Film Crew:

    • Thanks: Pete Docter
    • Thanks: Ed Catmull
    • Original Music Composer: Andrew Jimenez
    • Thanks: Jim Morris
    • Executive Producer: Lindsey Collins
    • Production Manager: David Lally
    • Supervising Animator: Guillaume Chartier
    • Finance: Emily Engie
    • Sound Mixer: Kenny Pickett
    • Title Designer: Laura Meyer
    • Production Design: Tim Evatt
    • Thanks: Marc S. Greenberg
    • Assistant Editor: Eric M. Barker
    • Editor: Katie Schaefer
    • Producer: Kathryn Hendrickson
    • Director of Photography: Arjun Rihan
    • Writer: Rosana Sullivan
    • Production Coordinator: Searit Huluf

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