The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he’s trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament – a path that puts the fighter on a collision course with his estranged, older brother.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Brendan Conlon: Joel Edgerton
  • Tommy Conlon: Tom Hardy
  • Tess Conlon: Jennifer Morrison
  • Frank Campana: Frank Grillo
  • Paddy Conlon: Nick Nolte
  • Stephon: Denzel Whitaker
  • Bryan Callen: Bryan Callen
  • Principal Zito: Kevin Dunn
  • Colt Boyd: Maximiliano Hernández
  • Sam Sheridan: Sam Sheridan
  • Fenroy: Fernando Chien
  • Mark Bradford: Jake McLaughlin
  • Pilar Fernandez: Vanessa Martinez
  • Tito: Carlos Miranda
  • Nash: Nick Lehane
  • KC: Laura Chinn
  • Emily Conlon: Capri Thomas
  • Rosie Conlon: Lexi Cowan
  • Dan Taylor: Noah Emmerich
  • Dan Caldwell: Dan Caldwell
  • Timothy “Skyskrape” Katz: Timothy “Skyskrape” Katz
  • J.J. Riley’s Assistant: Julia Stockstad
  • Referee Josh Rosenthal: Josh Rosenthal
  • Koba: Kurt Angle
  • Pete “Mad Dog” Grimes: Erik Apple
  • Orlando “Midnight” Le: Anthony Johnson
  • Karl Kruller: Nate Marquardt
  • Marcos Santos: Roan Carneiro
  • Francisco Barbosa: Daniel Stevens
  • Sun Chu: Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
  • Diego Santana: Hans Marrero
  • Houston Greggs: Yves Edwards
  • Yosi: Amir Perets
  • Sparta Official: Anthony Tambakis
  • Tender Trap Promoter: Jimmy Cvetic
  • Mike “The Mutilator” Moore: Jace Jeanes
  • Tender Trap Announcer: Jake Digman
  • Tender Trap Referee: Richard Fike
  • Midnight Corner Man: Andre’ Mason
  • State Official: James Houk
  • Koba Entourage #1: Aaron Kleiber
  • Koba Entourage #2: Raymond Rowe
  • Koba Entourage #3: Lambert R. Strayer
  • Koba Entourage #4: Roman Vasylyshyn
  • Jonathan Matthew Anik: Jonathan Matthew Anik
  • Rashad Evans: Rashad Evans
  • Stephan Bonnar: Stephan Bonnar
  • Michelle Dawn Mooney: Michelle Dawn Mooney
  • A.V. Simers: Tim Bickel
  • Platoon Sergeant: Jack Fisher
  • Marine MP #1: Jeff Hochendoner
  • Marine MP #2: Armon York Williams
  • Marine #1: Adam Christian Stanley
  • Marine #2: James Dreussi
  • Inspector: Kevin P. Hanley
  • Zito’s Wife: Tammy Townsend
  • Zito’s Secretary: Etta Cox
  • Diner Waitress: Sandy Notaro
  • Concierge: Francesca Ortenzio
  • Manny: Jaime Sinue Aguirre
  • Desk Girl: Tracy Campbell
  • Taxi Cab Driver: Thomas McCue
  • J. J. Riley (uncredited): Gavin O’Connor

Film Crew:

  • Sound Effects: Mark A. Mangini
  • Original Music Composer: Mark Isham
  • Production Design: Dan Leigh
  • Editor: Matt Chesse
  • Editor: Sean Albertson
  • Casting Associate: Tamara Notcutt
  • Executive Producer: Lisa Ellzey
  • Casting: Randi Hiller
  • Unit Production Manager: John J. Kelly
  • Costume Design: Abigail Murray
  • Art Direction: James Donahue
  • Executive Producer: Michael Paseornek
  • Set Decoration: Ron von Blomberg
  • Thanks: Brian Hartman
  • Editor: John Gilroy
  • Executive In Charge Of Production: Donna Sloan
  • Story: Gavin O’Connor
  • First Assistant Director: Jamie Marshall
  • Script Supervisor: Jan McWilliams
  • Director of Photography: Masanobu Takayanagi
  • Stunts: Hans Marrero
  • Story: Cliff Dorfman
  • Producer: Greg O’Connor
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Glenn T. Morgan
  • Co-Producer: Anthony Tambakis
  • Post Production Supervisor: Charlene Olson
  • Executive Producer: Jordan Schur
  • Executive Producer: David Mimran
  • Editor: Aaron Marshall
  • Co-Producer: Josh Fagin
  • In Memory Of: Charles Lewis, Jr
  • Music Editor: Jennifer Nash
  • Makeup Department Head: Felicity Bowring
  • Casting: Donna M. Belajac
  • Script Supervisor: Anna Rane
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Christian P. Minkler
  • Digital Effects Supervisor: Derek Bird
  • Visual Effects Editor: Migs Rustia
  • Visual Effects Editor: Paul Stemmer
  • Special Effects Coordinator: David Beavis
  • Hairstylist: Mishell Chandler
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Gary Summers
  • Makeup Artist: Heather Mages
  • Hair Department Head: Trish Almeida
  • Camera Operator: John Grillo
  • Digital Compositors: Cyntia Büll
  • Digital Compositors: Danny S. Kim
  • Sound: Robert Althoff
  • First Assistant Camera: Donald Burghardt
  • Visual Effects: John Brubaker
  • Music Supervisor: Brian Ross
  • Utility Stunts: Daniel Hargrave
  • Second Assistant Director: Thomas Coe

Movie Reviews:

  • Andres Gomez: Edgerton, Morrison and Hardy are good but Nolte is just spectacular.

    Other than that, the movie is really fun but the story is nothing new and the ending is not even working.

  • stackkorora: The story isn’t particularly new, but the writing and the actors do a REALLY convincing job of making you believe in the characters struggles. Don’t expect the movie to deliver on the many promises it makes though, they cut the last 10 minutes of film too early. That’s my biggest gripe with it and why I wouldn’t give this a higher rating.
  • Peter89Spencer: Warrior was the most exciting, detailed and emotional movie I saw. It had action, drama & descent cast.

    It dwelve into the backstory for each character:
    Brendan resented his father for being an abusive alcoholic, and made a life for himself and his family. He cares for his family too much to let them lose their home, and so he goes back to MMA sport to win a few money. But circumstances had gave Brendan the oppertunity to win big at the Sparta tournament. Once there, mhe comes face to face with his brother.
    Tommy is another side of the coin; he has so much anger in him; he blames his father for the past and blames his brother for abandoning him and their dying mother. But he made a new family in the Marine Corp, for which he enlisted, particuraly one marine who called brother, who was killed in a friendly fire. Tommy then desserted his regiment and decided to enter the Sparta tournament to win a prize money as a promise to his friend’s family (this shows that he does have a kinder side, even for a biref moment). He turns to his father to train him, but still resenting him for the past. But near the end, he sees his father relapsed and drunk (as drunk as he was in the past) and seeing how sad it all looks, Tommy realised he wasted all that anger over a broken down drunk and (may implied) forgave him (which was a sweet moment).
    Paddy is the father to Brendan and Tommy, but he lost them both (and his wife) when he was an abusive alcoholic. He regretted his actions and went sober. He tries yet fails to reconcile with both sons for the past. While Brendan had fogiven him (but don’t trust him), Tommy still held that anger. Eventually, Paddy became heartbroken that Tommy will never forgive him and so he relapsed and got drunk. This inadvertantly changed Tommy’s perspective his of father. In the end, Paddy looked on with pride as his sons reconciled.

    I really liked the ending of the film, where the two brothers, Tommy and Brendan, went face-to-face. And right near the end, it was really emotional, when the brothers finally let go of the past.

    This film was really amazing. It was just terrific!

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