A Man Escaped

A captured French Resistance fighter during World War II engineers a daunting escape from prison.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Fontaine: François Leterrier
  • Jost: Charles Le Clainche
  • Blanchet: Maurice Beerblock
  • Priest of Leiris: Roland Monod
  • Orsini: Jacques Ertaud
  • Hebrard: Jean Paul Delhumeau
  • Terry: Roger Treherne
  • Le Prisonnier 110: Jean Philippe Delamarre
  • Chief Warden: Jacques Oerlemans
  • L’Officier de L’Abwehr: Klaus Detlef Grevenhorst
  • Escort Guard: Leonhard Schmidt
  • Guard on a Bike: Roger Planchon

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Alain Poiré
  • Scenario Writer: Robert Bresson
  • Director of Photography: Léonce-Henri Burel
  • Editor: Raymond Lamy
  • Art Direction: Pierre Charbonnier
  • Producer: Jean Thuillier
  • Author: André Devigny

Movie Reviews:

  • tmdb47633491: You can see much of where Tarkovsky got his patience from. The ending is given away by the title but somehow the last half hour / escape sequence is still, to quote another reviewer, unbearably suspenseful. I much prefer this Ian Curtis performance to anything he did for Joy Division.
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