For a Few Dollars More

Two bounty hunters are in pursuit of “El Indio,” one of the most wanted fugitives in the western territories, and his gang.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Manco: Clint Eastwood
  • Col. Douglas Mortimer: Lee Van Cleef
  • El Indio: Gian Maria Volonté
  • Groggy, Member of Indio’s Gang: Luigi Pistilli
  • Juan Wild – The Hunchback: Klaus Kinski
  • Old Prophet: Joseph Egger
  • Sancho Perez, Member of Indio’s Gang: Panos Papadopulos
  • Mary: Mara Krupp
  • Luke ‘Hughie’: Benito Stefanelli
  • Tucumcari Station Clerk: Roberto Camardiel
  • Cuchillo: Aldo Sambrell
  • Manuel, Member of Indio’s Gang: Luis Rodriguez
  • Tucumcari Sheriff: Tomás Blanco
  • Tomaso, Indio’s Traitor: Lorenzo Robledo
  • Tucumcari Bank Manager: Sergio Mendizábal
  • Carpenter in Cell with El Indio: Dante Maggio
  • Callaway’s Beautiful Girl in Tub: Diana Rabito
  • Santa Cruz Telegraphist: Giovanni Tarallo
  • Train Conductor: Mario Meniconi
  • Niño, Member of Indio’s Gang: Mario Brega
  • Guy Calloway, Mortimer’s 1st Criminal (uncredited): José Terrón
  • ‘Baby’ Red Cavanaugh (uncredited): José Marco
  • Slim, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited): Werner Abrolat
  • Blackie, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited): Frank Braña
  • Chico, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited): José Canalejas
  • Frisco, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited): Antonio Molino Rojo
  • Carpetbagger on Train (uncredited): Jesús Guzmán
  • Tucumcari Saloon Keeper (uncredited): Ricardo Palacios
  • White Rocks Sheriff (uncredited): Guillermo Méndez
  • Mortimer’s Sister (uncredited): Rosemary Dexter
  • Mortimer’s Brother-in-Law (uncredited): Peter Lee Lawrence
  • Hotel Manager (uncredited): Kurt Zips
  • (uncredited): Enrique Navarro
  • Poker Player (uncredited): Bruno Corazzari
  • El Paso Bank Manager (uncredited): Carlo Simi
  • Fernando (uncredited): Antoñito Ruiz
  • Half-Shaved Bounty Hunter (uncredited): Román Ariznavarreta
  • El Paso Tavern Keeper (uncredited): Joseph Bradley
  • Cigar Smoking Card Player (uncredited): Fernando Di Leo
  • Tomaso’s Wife (uncredited): Diana Faenza
  • Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited): Eduardo García
  • The Balladeer (voice) (uncredited): Maurizio Graf
  • Tomaso’s Baby (uncredited): Francesca Leone
  • Whistling Bounty Hunter (voice) (uncredited): Sergio Leone
  • (uncredited): Rafael López
  • (uncredited): José Félix Montoya
  • Bartender (uncredited): Antonio Palombi
  • (uncredited): Aldo Ricci
  • Miguel, Member of Indio’s Gang (uncredited): Enrique Santiago
  • 2nd Agua Caliente Villager Watching Monco (uncredited): Edmondo Tieghi

Film Crew:

  • Conductor: Ennio Morricone
  • Scenario Writer: Sergio Leone
  • Settings: Carlo Simi
  • Special Effects: Giovanni Corridori
  • Stunt Coordinator: Benito Stefanelli
  • Special Effects: Eros Bacciucchi
  • Scenario Writer: Fulvio Morsella
  • Additional Writing: Sergio Donati
  • Director of Photography: Massimo Dallamano
  • Screenplay: Luciano Vincenzoni
  • Presenter: Alberto Grimaldi
  • Editor: Eugenio Alabiso
  • Presenter: Arturo González
  • Supervising Editor: Adriana Novelli
  • Editor: Giorgio Serrallonga
  • Makeup Artist: Amedeo Alessi
  • Makeup Artist: Juan Farsac
  • Sound: Oscar De Arcangelis
  • Sound: Guido Ortenzi
  • Musician: Alessandro Alessandroni
  • Music Director: Bruno Nicolai
  • Assistant Director: Fernando Di Leo
  • Assistant Director: Tonino Valerii
  • Stunts: Nosher Powell
  • Camera Operator: Aldo Ricci
  • Executive Producer: Alfredo Fraile
  • Assistant Art Director: Carlo Leva
  • Production Supervisor: Fernando Rossi
  • Production Supervisor: Norberto Solino
  • Second Unit Director: Julio Ortas
  • Camera Operator: Eduardo Noé
  • Musician: Michele Lacerenza
  • Production Manager: Ottavio Oppo
  • Assistant Decorator: Rafael Ferri
  • Stunts: Rick Lester
  • Special Effects: Manuel Baquero
  • Makeup Department Head: Rino Carboni
  • Assistant Director: Julio Sempere
  • Production Supervisor: Manuel Castedo
  • Still Photographer: Lothar Winkler
  • Script Supervisor: Mariano Canales
  • Production Secretary: Antonio Palombi
  • Continuity: Maria Luisa Rosen
  • First Assistant Camera: Isidro Muro
  • Musician: Nino Culasso
  • Grip: Domenico Parrello
  • Title Designer: Igino Lardani
  • Musician: Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni
  • Settings: Ángel Cabero
  • Settings: Montoro
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Isabel Mellado
  • Local Casting: Luis Beltrán
  • Assistant Camera: Mario Lommi
  • Musician: Bruno Battisti D’Amario
  • Musician: Maurizio Graf

Movie Reviews:

  • John Chard: I was worried about you – all alone, with so many problems to solve…

    The middle part of Sergio Leone’s dollars trilogy sandwich is a mighty hunk of meat and pasta. Plot has Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef as bounty hunters who form a very uneasy alliance to bring down violent bandit El Indio (Gian Maria Volontè) and his gang.

    As befitting Leone in this sub-genre, the pic positively oozes charisma and class. His compositions are as striking as the coolness he wrings out from his lead actors, the characterisations bristling with a calm grizzle factor that beguiles as the story jumps from violence to suspense, from humour to misery, with surprises is store as well. The screenplay adheres to some clichés of the Western formula, but never at a cost to suspense and mystery, such as with the finale that looks set to be formulaic, but joyfully brings its own identity whilst simultaneously adding extra layers to the protags and antag. The dialogue (Leone and Luciano Vincenzoni) pings with literacy, something which is a pleasant mercy in the Spaghetti Western world, while Morricone fills the key scenes with aural shards of atmospheric delight.

    A great film in its own standalone right, but also a super precursor to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 9/10

  • r96sk: I’d rank it slightly below the original, but that’s unimportant as ‘For a Few Dollars More’ is still a lot of fun.

    Clint Eastwood is tremendous again as the lead character, while Gian Maria Volonté reappears as a different character – usually I’m not a fan of actors playing different characters in a series, but I must make an exception here as Volonté is terrific; just as he is in the preceding 1964 film. One newcomer to the cast is Lee Van Cleef, who is brilliant too.

    A story regarding bounty hunting was always going to be enjoyable, which is most definitely the case here. The aforementioned trio are massively entertaining. I particularly found the ending to be one of the best parts of this.

    I was excited to check out ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ even prior to watching the first two films, given it’s the one I knew most of beforehand, but its two predecessors really have wet the appetite and then some!

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