Seoul, South Korea, 1997. When the young but extremely anxious student Jin-seok, his parents and his successful older brother Yoo-seok move to a new home, mysterious and frightening events begin to happen around them, unexplained events that threaten to ruin their seemingly happy lives. Unable to understand what is happening, Jin-seok wonders if he is losing his mind.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Jin-seok: Kang Ha-neul
  • Yoo-seok: Kim Moo-yul
  • Father: Moon Sung-keun
  • Mother: Na Young-hee
  • Professor Choi: Nam Myung-ryeol
  • Professor Choi’s wife: Lee Na-ra
  • Questioned Man #1: Bae Seong-il
  • Questioned Man #2: Lee Soon-won
  • Questioned Man #3: Byeon Dong-joon
  • Girl: Jung Chan-bi
  • Young Yoo-seok: Choi Go
  • Father: Kang Sin-goo
  • Older Brother: Park Jae-yeong
  • High School Yoo-seok: Jeong Taek-hyeon
  • Mover: Park Chae-ik
  • Precinct Policeman #1: Kwon Jae-hwan
  • Precinct Policeman #2: Moon Seong-pil
  • Precinct Policeman #3: Eom In-woo
  • President Song: Oh Hyeon-soo
  • Employment Agency Director: Park Kyeong-chan
  • First-aid: Lee Dong-geun
  • Emergency Room Nurse #1: Han Tae-eun
  • Emergency Room Nurse #2: Ahn Yoo-jin
  • Hallway Nurse: Jo Han-na
  • Hospital Room Nurse: Han Da-eun
  • Arresting Detective #1: Lee Sung-woo
  • Arresting Detective #2: Lee Dong-jin
  • Police Precinct Student #1: Yeon Je-hyung
  • Police Precinct Student #2: Kim Hyun-mok
  • Police Precinct Student #3: Yoo In-soo
  • Drunk: Kim Hyeon-chang
  • Loan Shark #1: Kang Hak-soo
  • Loan Shark #3: Jo Hong-woo
  • Questioning Detective: Im Jeong-min
  • Driver in Accident: Lee Seung-yong
  • Mother: An Min-yeong
  • young Yoo-seok: Chung Taek-hyun
  • Self (archive footage): Moon Jae-in
  • Self (archive footage): Donald Trump
  • Self (archive footage): Melania Trump
  • Self (archive footage): Kim Young-sam

Film Crew:

  • Lighting Director: Kim Min-jae
  • Costume Design: Kim Jung-won
  • Executive Producer: Jang Won-seok
  • Director: Jang Hang-jun
  • Editor: Heo Sun-mi
  • Makeup & Hair: Song Jong-hui
  • Director of Photography: Kim Il-yeon
  • Producer: Park Jun-sik
  • Camera Operator: So Jeong-o
  • Sound Supervisor: Gong Tae-won
  • Editor: Cho Han-wool
  • Set Decoration: Kim Hyeong-jik
  • Digital Intermediate Producer: Ryu Yeon
  • Original Music Composer: Kim Tae-hoon
  • Makeup Artist: Sin Eun-Yeong
  • Production Design: Choi Im
  • Production Sound Mixer: Yoon Jong-min
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Yoon Dae-won
  • Data Wrangler: Park Ri-woong

Movie Reviews:

  • sniharika93: Genre : Drama & Thriller

    Little details in a thriller can actually make or break a pleasant movie experience. Exactly my experience with this one. Great story and mystery. Just a bit more of drama. Still a good watch.

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