Divorce Italian Style

Ferdinando Cefalù is desperate to marry his cousin, Angela, but he is married to Rosalia and divorce is illegal in Italy. To get around the law, he tries to trick his wife into having an affair so he can catch her and murder her, as he knows he would be given a light sentence for killing an adulterous woman. He persuades a painter to lure his wife into an affair, but Rosalia proves to be more faithful than he expected.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Ferdinando Cefalù: Marcello Mastroianni
  • Rosalia Cefalù: Daniela Rocca
  • Angela: Stefania Sandrelli
  • Carmelo Patanè: Leopoldo Trieste
  • Don Gaetano Cefalù: Odoardo Spadaro
  • Sisina: Margherita Girelli
  • Agnese Cefalù: Angela Cardile
  • Rosario Mulè: Lando Buzzanca
  • Attorney De Marzi: Pietro Tordi
  • Don Calogero: Ugo Torrente
  • Priest: Antonio Acqua
  • Donna Matilde Cefalù: Bianca Castagnetta
  • Don Ciccio Matara: Giovanni Fassiolo
  • …: Ignazio Roberto Daidone
  • …: Francesco Nicastro
  • …: Edy Nogara
  • …: Renato Pinciroli
  • …: Daniela Igliozzi
  • Fifidda, moglie di Calogero: Laura Tomiselli
  • dottor Talamone: Saro Arcidiacono
  • un politico del PCI: Renzo Marignano

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Franco Cristaldi
  • Editor: Roberto Cinquini
  • Director of Photography: Carlo Di Palma
  • Original Music Composer: Carlo Rustichelli
  • Assistant Editor: Sergio Montanari
  • Assistant Editor: Mario Morra
  • Set Designer: Sergio Canevari
  • Camera Operator: Aiace Parolin
  • Camera Operator: Arturo Zavattini
  • Story: Ennio De Concini
  • Story: Pietro Germi
  • First Assistant Director: Renzo Marignano
  • Camera Operator: Gastone Di Giovanni
  • Director of Photography: Leonida Barboni
  • Story: Alfredo Giannetti
  • Continuity: Mirta Guarnaschelli
  • Production Design: Carlo Egidi
  • Second Assistant Director: Enzo Battaglia
  • Assistant Camera: Gianni Antinori
  • Assistant Camera: Giovanni Ciarlo
  • Costume Design: Dina Di Bari
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Raffaele Cristini
  • Makeup Artist: Franco Freda
  • Set Decoration: Giovanni Checchi
  • Production Secretary: Lamberto Pippia
  • Production Manager: Guglielmo Colonna
  • Production Supervisor: Carlo Bartolini
  • Sound Engineer: Fiorenzo Magli
  • Still Photographer: Divo Cavicchioli
  • Conductor: Luigi Urbini
  • Production Secretary: Rodolfo Frattaioli
  • Production Supervisor: Alessandro Gori
  • Administration: Piero Speziali
  • Assistant Camera: Alfredo Palmieri
  • Boom Operator: Antonio Bramonti

Movie Reviews:

  • talisencrw: As a bizarre tribute to my mom on her 75th birthday and her 46-year-marriage to her only love, my father, who died in 2011, and to her subsequent loyalty and devotion, with stubborn refusal to even contemplate having another relationship, I decided to watch ‘Divorce Italian Style’. It was hilarious and highly enjoyable. It certainly deserved its Oscar win for Best Screenplay, as well as its nominations that year both for Best Actor (Marcello Mastroianni) and Best Director (Pietro Germi).

    The latter tends to get thrown under the bus and ignored altogether when it comes to mentioning pivotal Italian directors of the period. Not so. Though this is thus far the only film of his I have seen, the guy–both in terms of script writing this comedy and behind the camera–is a sheer genius. Do yourself a favour and watch it today!

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